5 Tips for Working with a Creative Agency

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5 Tips for Working with a Creative Agency

The best way to get the work you want from a creative agency is to do a little homework. There’s no better way to help a designer or copywriter get a feel for you, your business, and your goals.

So, before you schedule that first important meeting, here are five tips for making the most of your time:

1. Write a short creative brief.

You can find templates online but, in general, try to provide the following bits of information:

  • Your type of business, how long you’ve been in business, your competition, what makes your business unique
  • Your brand statement, if you have one
  • Your specific needs, whether it’s a complete rebranding, help with a specific ad campaign, a few social media ads, a full-service website, or an ongoing relationship
  • Your goals, such as expanded audience, increased sales, boosted social media presence, more clients
  • Your style: are you hip and flirty, traditional, serious, fun, accessible?
  • Your timeline/deadline. If it’s a rush job, let your creatives know as early as possible so they can plan around other client work.

2. Create a mood board.

Gather some images that resonate with you. Visit Pinterest and make a board of pins that catch your eye or convey the look and feel you’re seeking. Pick colors you love (and be clear about ones that should be avoided). Find websites that speak to you, brands that stand out in your sector, and social media posts that make you click through, buy, or share. For written projects, gather quotes, articles, and social media copy that you feel speak to your brand’s ethos.

3. Keep an open mind and be polite.

Creatives work best when they have all sorts of information about their clients and a new project in their sights. They are wonderful professional resources who can bring fresh ideas and approaches to your project. Please be polite and open with them about your goals. Creative relationships depend on two-way exchanges; they thrive on mutual respect.

4. Be clear about—and manage—your expectations.

State up front if you need a quick turnaround or rush job. Most agencies can accommodate your timeline, usually for an additional fee. Be reasonable. Projects that are creative, exceptional, and reflective of your brand and goals take time and rely on good communication.

5. Have fun.

Creative relationships should be productive and enjoyable. Designers, copywriters, and project managers want you to walk away satisfied, and with a smile on your face.

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